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Bethany was a dream to work with on our wedding day! Her calm demeanor and keen eye ensured that every precious moment was beautifully captured. From the emotional exchange of vows to the lively dance floor celebrations, her photos vividly tell the story of our special day. We couldn't be happier with her work!


Bethany has a remarkable talent for capturing the essence of a couple's relationship, and our skater-themed photoshoot was no exception. With her creative eye and easygoing demeanor, she made us feel completely at ease in front of the camera, allowing our personalities to shine through in every shot. The resulting photos are nothing short of magical, perfectly encapsulating our love for each other and our shared passion for skating. Bethany's passion for her craft is evident in every image!

"Photography is the art of frozen time, the ability to store emotion within a frame"

Meshack Otieno